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October 12 • Saturday

 12:00pm –  1:00pm 1 Brian Kolm: The Saturday Morning Cartoon Stretch! Mezzanine
 12:00pm –  1:00pm 1 CBLDF: Raising a Reader Programming Room
  1:00pm –  1:45pm 1 The Importance of the Independent Press Programming Room
  1:00pm –  2:00pm 2 Gene Hamm: See Your Character from Every Angle: An Animation Workshop Mezzanine
  1:45pm –  2:45pm 1 Ten Years of the Cartoon Art Museum Programming Room
  2:00pm –  3:00pm 2 The Center for Cartoon Studies: Making Minicomics Mezzanine
  2:45pm –  3:45pm 1 Graphic Novels Versus Collected Works Programming Room
  3:00pm –  4:00pm 2 Jason Thompson: Mangaka!! The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics Mezzanine
  3:45pm –  4:30pm 1 Spotlight on Raina Telgemeier Programming Room
  4:00pm –  5:00pm 2 Shannon Wheeler: I Thought You'd Be Funnier: Gag Cartooning Workshop Mezzanine
  4:30pm –  5:15pm 1 Spotlight on Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin Programming Room
  5:00pm –  6:00pm 2 Dave Roman: Comics Quickfire! Mezzanine
  5:15pm –  6:00pm 1 Spotlight on Bill Griffith Programming Room
  6:00pm –  7:00pm 1 The 20th Anniversary of the Alternative Press Expo Programming Room

October 13 • Sunday

 11:45am –  12:30pm 1 Monsters of Indy Comics Programming Room
 12:30pm –  1:30pm 1 Love and Comics Programming Room
 12:30pm –  1:30pm 2 Danièle Archambault: E-book Publishing 101! Mezzanine
  1:30pm –  2:15pm 1 Spotlight on Anders Nilsen Programming Room
  1:30pm –  2:30pm 2 Gabby Gamboa: You're Quite a Character: All-Ages Mask Making Mezzanine
  2:15pm –  3:00pm 1 CBLDF: Banned Comics! Programming Room
  2:15pm –  3:00pm 1 [CANCELLED] Spotlight on Diane Noomin Programming Room
  2:30pm –  3:30pm 2 Nidhi Chanani: The Independent Artist's Survival Guide Mezzanine
  3:00pm –  3:45pm 1 The Queer Cartoonists Panel Programming Room
  3:30pm –  4:30pm 2 Cara Goldstein: PoetryComics Mezzanine
  3:45pm –  4:30pm 1 Bay Area Roundtable! Programming Room
  4:30pm –  5:30pm 1 Keeping Comics Alive for a New Generation Programming Room